What I want to see in The Dark Knight Rises

I’m going to leave the big decisions to Christopher Nolan. What I mean is that I’m not going to comment on the actual story or what direction the film takes or anything like that. What I want are small things. These are things that appeal to the fan in me! I’ve been a Batman fan for as long as I can remember. From collecting the Batman Adventures comics as a kid and watching Batman: The Animated Series (which has never been bettered) to where I now try to collect as many Batman graphic novels as possible to keep me up to date with whats going on in the Batman comic universe.

These are additions to the film that would appeal to me. Additions that would make me smile when I’m sat in the cinema and prompt me to prod my girlfriend and try to explain to her why that has been included or why that character has just made that witty comment…

Some mention of Knightfall

For those of you that aren’t Batman fans or are unfamiliar with the comics, the inclusion of Bane in this film has probably got you scratching your head. I love that Nolan has included Bane because he can approach this character with a clean slate that some of the other, bigger villains wouldn’t offer him. It looks like what he is doing with Bane is a perfect imagining of the character on-screen but Bane had a specific purpose in the comics. He was created to shake up the Batman universe in a year-long, comic changing story that I won’t spoil here. I may be treated even further by Nolan actually doing Knightfall as the film’s main story but failing that, some sort of reference to this, in whatever way possible, would bring a ridiculous geeky smile to my face.


Harvey Bullock

I’ve wanted this character included in the films or on TV forever! He is one of my favourite characters in the Batman universe and is sorely missed from any of the other media that isn’t comics. For the uninformed, Bullock is a no-nonsense, old school, tough, break the rules but get results detective that is unflinchingly loyal to Commissioner Gordon. He has been through all the huge stories in the Batman comics and also gets some of the best lines and moments too. The film is (supposedly) set a little while after The Dark Knight so enough time could have passed for Harvey Bullock to have been drafted into Gordon’s squad and play some part in the events of Rises.


 A nod to other villains/heroes

Nolan has made it pretty clear that this will be his last film in the Batman trilogy. I have an idea of which villains will return alongside the two we know about (Bane and Catwoman) and I’ll say more about this further down but Batman has the best Rogues Gallery that not to mention or hint at some of these would be a missed opportunity. We saw Zsasz in Batman Begins without having to make a huge deal out of it and there are loads of opportunities to do the same with other villains. Maybe a botanist named Pamela Isley appears on the news or we see an article on the criminal insane by Edward Nigma. Even an upcoming business man called Oswald Cobblepot or a doctor at Arkham named Harleen Quinzel would do. I’d be even happier with Batman walking past padded cells with the names of all these characters he’s managed to catch above the doors. They don’t have to star in it but some recognition would be cool.

Alongside this, I think Nolan would be missing a trick not having at least some sort of poster advertising the Gotham Circus starring The Flying Graysons.


The Other Harvey

I love The Dark Knight. It’s my favourite film of all time but there is just one thing I’d change. I hated the fate of Two-Face at the end. He is such a good character that he could hold together this film on his own. His story was done brilliantly and I understand why his role ended as it did but having him play some sort of part in this film would have me jumping for joy in my cinema seat! Can’t see it happening though…

End the trilogy here

I know I said I wouldn’t comment on the story but this is just a minor point; make this the end of the story, properly. No open-ended, “could be a fourth if Nolan changes his mind” ending. To his credit, Nolan produced two films that can be watched independently of each other and Dark Knight Rises looks to follow in the same pattern. He seems to follow a rule I think works in a trilogy; each film stands alone. Within the next five years there will be a new Batman film but why not reboot it, give it to another director and see what they can do with it, much the same way we do with the comics and new writers?

Overall, not too much to ask I think. No game changing, polarising additions, just something to please the Batman fan in me. I have such high hopes for this film that I’m sure the minute I watch the bat symbol appear from falling debris in the opening I will be gripped, forgetting any of my requests anyway! 

4 thoughts on “What I want to see in The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Oh wow. Knightfall issue #19 was the only comic book I owned as a kid. I wore the staples out of it.

    1. I love that series. After this film, when Bane’s profile is up, they could feasibly make a whole trilogy out of that series alone.

  2. Agreed! Det. Bullock would be great to see in the film! Good call here. He was such a great character and I do hope they bring him in.

    Question (I think that everyone is wondering): Do you think Bane will break Batman’s back in this film? I mean, why else really bring in Bane?

    1. I think they probably brought Bane in because he’s so unknown they have almost free reign with him. The problem Nolan has is how do you follow Ledger’s Joker? The Riddler or any villain like him would never be “extreme” enough or if they were, they would feel too similar to Joker. I think Bane can be extreme but in a different way that shouldn’t copy what Joker did in Dark Knight.

      I also think that Bane will break someone’s back but not Batman. My guess would be Gordon!

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