What DC should do instead of a Justice League Movie

The Justice League movie is looking further and further away with every passing month. Script rewrites, lack of a director and an unmanageable release date seem to be casting a shadow over what I believe is a bad idea anyway.

I’ve already shared my views on what DC should have done after the massive success of the The Avengers but I’m beginning to think people at DC and Warner Bros don’t even read this blog! Since I wrote that post, I’ve had a change of heart, and I think a radical new direction is needed to both put them in competition with Marvel and distance their inevitable superhero team-up film from the brilliant Avenger‘s movie.

Kingdom Come

This is a brilliant comic book that looks into the future of the DC superheroes. The story, in a quick, abridged version, is that in the future, new, radical and amoral superheroes, some offsprings of the traditional DC heroes, are now dangerously taking the place as Earth’s defenders. Alarmed and outraged by their actions, the “traditional” DC superheroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern etc.) decide to step in to sort them out.

It’s a fantastic story which brings together all the elements DC want. Lots of superheroes, including the big two (Superman and Batman), great villains and a huge, all-encompassing, blockbuster finale. It is also different enough from Marvel’s Avengers movie to work.

It gets past the tricky idea of having to introduce all the various superheroes.

It will help DC get past the tricky problems they have created for themselves. Cavill’s Superman could well be contracted to star in a Justice League movie, but they have no other superheroes effectively established. This means that they have to introduce Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash before their Justice League movie can really happen. Add to that the issue that they don’t have a Batman. Without Christopher Nolan behind the camera, I don’t think Bale would do the job. Furthermore, would you actually want Bale and Nolan’s Batman in the same “universe” as the Green Lantern and Superman. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Kingdom Come sidesteps some of those issues. The first half of the film, after you have established the enemies and the threat, can be Wonder Woman collecting the already famous heroes from their new, older lives. It will act as an introduction to each, giving a very simple version of their powers and what they can do. The biggest additions will be Superman (who could be played by an aged Cavill or my personal pick, John Hamm) and an even older Batman. In the case of Batman, the problem of Bale being part of the movie is solved for you.

It should also help with the casting of the heroes too.

Kingdom Come the comic is a very complicated and sometimes alienating story which wouldn’t really fit with the big screen as a straight adaptation. You would have to make it simpler; less heroes and fewer enemies for a start, and make it much more about these heroes coming out of retirement. Do this and you have a movie that is similar enough to rival Avengers but different enough to dismiss any straight comparisons.

By making the “Justice League” movie a story set in each of the heroes futures, you can then open up the possibility of a structured prequel to Kingdom Come. We have had a glimpse of what these heroes become, why not show how they were created. It makes for a much more intriguing introduction to each of the heroes if they are already established in the public, mainstream consciousness.

If done properly, Kingdom Come could be just about different enough to work.

This would be a very bold move but I can’t see a new, traditional Justice League movie ever working. I don’t think DC have enough time, thought or original direction with the idea to make it different enough or even close to the quality of what Marvel produced. If they do something like Kingdom Come, at least they give themselves an original, unique and fighting chance of taking Marvel on properly.

Overall, I can’t see any other way of doing Justice League than creating something like Kingdom Come. It means that casting the heroes and establishing each of them is taken care of. It creates a decent story which doesn’t really resemble The Avengers and it can also set up a new franchise, taking the opposite direction to what Marvel have done so successfully. If anyone knows someone from DC or Warner Bros, feel free to forward to this on.

If you know anyone of importance that you could forward this on to, that would be great!

10 thoughts on “What DC should do instead of a Justice League Movie

  1. 1. This will never happen.
    2. Not sure its a good idea to begin with.

    It’s too out there to really work on the big screen especially as non of the characters would be established and in a story like this there would be no room to explain the characters or to give them enough time or dialogue to make sense. Simply put the film would be around 8 hours.

    I think introducing strong Superman and Batman films before the Justice League would be enough. Maybe in a sequel of the single films they could meet briefly and the Justice League could spawn from that. They founded it and recruited the others so its the only way I can really see a Justice League film working.

    If they grow a collective universe now and keep it going it should be able to work as long as they don’t try to trip over backwards trying to bring others back like the failed green lantern or Christian Bale as Batman. Reboot them all into the same universe!

    1. I agree with a reboot them all but I don’t think that a straight attempt at a Justice League film would be anything than a poor copy of The Avengers anyway. There is very little they could do differently to that film to make it work.

      I’m not saying try to put all of Kingdom Come in but at least use it as a template. Big ensemble casts have been established in two and half hours before and been successful – plus these characters are in the public conscious, in some way, already.

      1. Outside of Batman and Superman, people don’t know shit. We know but were nerds. My sister doesn’t have a clue who the flash is. Most of the characters in DC have never seen the big screen or small screen for that matter.

      2. I think shows like Smallville and Arrow will have widened the appeal and awareness. I’m not s
        sure you need a lot of introduction to these characters anyway. I’d guess that not everyone that went to see The Avengers movie had seen all the films leading to it or knew who every hero was. In fact, Hawkeye got very little to no real introduction or explanation.

      3. Nobody cares about Hawkeye! haha 😀

        I suppose a good way to start would be if they simply threw the characters straight into the films start and explained the characters a bit later in the story. Then after they could have separate films if they are popular 😀

      4. Thats what I thought. Though now I’m moving more towards DC maybe going the TV route, leaving the films to Marvel.

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