Why DC should launch Justice League on TV instead…

I‘ve now offered DC two solid pieces of advice for launching their Justice League movie but I don’t think they’ve even read them! (Incidentally, you can read my previous advice here and here). Now Marvel have launched “Phase 2” with Iron Man 3 and if what I’ve read so far is to be believed (I’m seeing it tomorrow), it’s another successful installment in their superhero franchise.

In comparison, DC don’t even seem to have an idea, let alone a script, cast, director or plan for their Justice League movie. I think they should give up on competing with Avengers at all but failing that, maybe they should take their fight to a different arena entirely.

With the success of the Avengers came the news that Marvel were launching a new TV show called SHIELD. It would follow the Agents of SHIELD as they battled new superpowered people/creatures in the wake of the events of the Avengers movie(s). This seems like a great idea and very good way of keeping interest in the series alive when the superhero movies take their inevitable “winter break.” It’s also the area that DC could monopolise and shine themselves.

Cavill’s Superman could then lead to three separate tv shows.

They could take two different approaches to launching a successful TV series or range of shows. We can assume that Cavill’s Superman is tied-in to any Justice League movie and the film will give him the scale, scope and suitable introduction/reboot. Assuming again, that Man of Steel is a success, DC could then begin to introduce the rest of the Justice League with their own tv shows.

Lets simplify things by calling the Justice League line-up, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and, inevitably, Batman. Each of these characters, aside from Superman and Batman, could have their own, 13 episode tv series.

Wonder Woman’s could be set primarily on Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman’s show could be set on Paradise Island, where her origin lies, and would primarily take place here. She would fight the greek gods that are tied with her origin, as well as the competition for her title as Queen of the Amazon, and only come to Earth towards the end of her first season.

Green Lantern would be a complete reboot of the character, no Ryan Reynolds, no ties to the previous film. It would follow Hal Jordan as he is called up to join the Green Lantern Corps and train to become an intergalactic police officer. It wouldn’t be set on Earth but instead on other planets, with Jordan learning how to control the ring and his new powers. It would be a lot more science fiction than its two sister-shows.

The Flash would be set on Earth and would follow the adventures of Barry Allen as he comes to grips with his super-speed ability. He’d a police officer by day and superhero by night, taking inspiration from the newly discovered Superman. His show would be closer to those of Smallville or Arrow.

Barry Allen’s Flash would be the most “realistic” superhero show.

All three shows would run either at the same time or one after another. The idea would be that they would all end with the same villain emerging (Darkseid maybe) and then have to come together to form the Justice League. This would then open the way for a rival movie, which would have actually had much more ground-work and character development than The Avengers film ever did.

Add to this the fact that Henry Cavill’s Superman could cameo at least once in each series, bringing in viewers and interest, and you could have a very realistic way of bringing the Justice League together without actually having to take Marvel on head-to-head; a battle I think DC would definitely lose.

All the shows could ultimately lead to the big screen, Justice League adventure!

If three separate shows seems too many, one tv show, very much like the series Heroes, could encompass all three characters stories. Rather than three separate shows, you could very easily create DC Universe the series, a show that follows the three superheroes up to the Justice League film at the end of season 1.

The only issue with this is Batman. If it was me, I wouldn’t include the character at all. I don’t think he fits with these other characters anyway and it is far too close to the fantastic job Nolan did, to actually make a success of the iconic character. That won’t happen though, so I’d suggest a new film, a complete reboot of Batman, and the lead-in film for Justice League.

If I was in charge of DC, I would begin my “phase 1” with Man of Steel, three separate tv shows (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash), a new Batman movie and then the Justice League. Its different enough to Marvel and would mean that we could get all three of the newest characters introduced within one year, bringing the Justice League movie even closer.

Overall, taking on Marvel head-to-head with competing films will never work. Marvel have this far too well-planned and anything similar will look like a desperate attempt to copy. Launch the Justice League with three tv shows, each unique in style and setting, and then bring the different heroes together in their own team-up movie, and you have an approach that is unique and accessible. Use Superman and Batman films to guide the audience towards the Justice League movie and DC may even stand a chance of taking on the Marvel movie giant. Now where is that number for DC?

This could actually mean DC have a chance of competing against Marvel.

12 thoughts on “Why DC should launch Justice League on TV instead…

  1. First off I think this is a terrible idea. But I will go with you and say how it may work if I did think this was remotely going to work. First the shows couldn’t be on ordinary channels like NBC or fox, cable channel or something like HBO. Second the shows would have to have 6 episodes max for each character. Third, to not look and feel awful the shows must all have extremely high budgets, am talking more than Game of Thrones!

    Okay so leaving madness behind, three superman films with a batman intro in the second, then he decides to recruit the justice league to help the people of the world and somebody attacks. That’s how it should happen and there is no question. DC send me the cheque 😀

    1. If we go with your idea, I’d much rather just see a “World’s Finest” movie or a Superman vs. Batman film.

      I think if DC took it seriously, they could throw a big budget at it. Can’t see it being a HBO or cable channel show. Though the idea of a foul mouthed Green Lantern sounds good

      1. They are too far removed from the source material. The most positive thing about Marvel is how faithful they manage to be but can still change key elements and make it work (*cough* Mandarin.) I think a TV show could work if they kept it faithful to the comic it’s based on.

      2. No Kingsley was great I just didn’t like that twist and I found the lack of a main strong villain caused the film to suffer. There are two things that Marvel dont seem to be brave enough to do, 1. kill anyone. and 2. Get a badass villain! The only things there films need to be great!

      3. Iron Man suffers from not having a badass villain, I disagree with Marvel as a whole. Loki is fantastic and one of the best superhero movie villains yet. The not killing anyone is more of a reflection on the comic books the movies are based on… no one is ever really dead!

      4. Loki is the best but still isn’t really bad ass, to be fair his character is the trickster god and so bad ass isn’t in his area, but all the others should have some pretty bad ass villains. Malikith maybe good but again he is a dark elf and not necessarily bad ass, just a slightly darker Loki 😦

        Why can DC films do it, look at ZOD!

        I WILL FIND HIM!!!

      5. Zods in the actor though and to go from Terrance Stamp to Michael Shannon is an unfair advantage. Its like Joker going from Nicholson to Ledger’s version!

  2. i think thats a good idea and that would give dc/wb over marvel , with marvel thinking their bigger now with agents of shield doing solo justice league member tv shows leading to a big screen justice league show and then do a live action young justice live action tv show set in the dc cinematic universe can give agents of shield a run for money/ratings and dc/ wb has to cast young kids ages 9-11 years in the roles will blast rating through the roof

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