Views from the Sofa is taking a break…

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I’m giving myself a break from blogging for a while. I really enjoy writing movie reviews, sharing my views on tv and movies but I can’t keep up or dedicate the time that the best people who blog on here manage to do. I was always hoping that starting this blog would lead to something bigger, maybe breaking into movie reviews or something similar on at least a part-time (paid) basis but unfortunately things just haven’t turned out that way.

When you don’t have enough time to watch the movies and tv that your blog is about, trying to keep up with it seems slightly futile. I’m not saying that I will never come back to the blog, maybe doing some views and stuff when I’m on holiday and things, but for now, to the few people that subscribe and read the blog regularly, I’m taking a break.

I will still post (very short) reviews on my twitter account and sometimes on my facebook page. Links to both are on the sidebar on this page so feel free to follow/like so you can still get the benefit of my witty and almost always correct insights.

Overall, see you soon…



  1. That’s a shame, but everyone needs their breaks sometimes. Hope you will be able to turn your creativity to other things and I hope you will be back in the future!

  2. I know exactly what you mean man. I’ve barely had the time recently due to the odds shifts at work. Looking for a new job now that’ll hopefully free up my evenings for film watching. Must get this done before starting the Godzilla season I’ve stupidly decided to do.

    Also, getting paid to write stuff about films would be awesome. It’s hard to get in there though. I’ve had some talk about writing for a games site before now but don’t think I can change my style to theirs. I’m too freeform and scrappy… by which I mean not good.

    Hope all the changes go well sir.

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