Final Frontier Fortnight – The Launch!

It is the summer, which means it is the perfect time for a Views from the Sofa themed series. Last year was Month of Bond but this year will be slightly less intensive and slightly fewer movies to cover as I review and cover articles based on everything Star Trek related.

These posts will only concern the movies (I don’t have time to cover the vast television output) and will be from a relatively novice point of view. I am not a Trekkie (or Trekker?) so it will be based on a fairly uninitiated point of view.

I will be reviewing every Star Trek movie, from Original Series through Next Generation and on to the rebooted/remake series, ending with the newest movie Star Trek: Beyond. I will also be giving my views on the career of Jean Luc-Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, ranking each Star Trek movie and letting you know what you need to make a Star Trek film of your own.

Overall, Final Frontier Fortnight will cover all things Star Trek for the next two weeks. Views from the Sofa is boldly going where it hasn’t gone before so why not come join us for the journey?

From one Kirk to the other…


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