24 Hour Party People (2002) Re-View

Sometimes a factual narrative rather than a full on documentary is the best way of telling a story. I’m sure that Manchester’s music scene has got numerous documentaries about it, some of which are very good. The bands that feature in 24 Hour Party People probably each have their own documentary, telling the story of their rise to fame, success and for some, ultimate failure. I know for a fact, the main subject of the movie, Tony Wilson, Factory Records and to a lesser extent the Hacienda, will definitely have lots of factual television about it, it being such a key … Continue reading 24 Hour Party People (2002) Re-View

Thor (2011) Re-View

Its strange looking back on these movies after the success that The Avengers movie was. My main complaint with this film and Captain America (more so with Captain America) was that they didn’t really offer anything new or exciting as superhero origin films. They used the same superhero origin movie checklist that most others used; average man becomes hero, fails at first attempt, learns valuable lesson then succeeds now he is a better person. Add a female character in trouble and you have most superhero origin movies, which just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thor is slightly different but not by much. … Continue reading Thor (2011) Re-View

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Re-View

The reason that the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels fail to impress is because the original Pirates film should never have been successful or even “worked” in the first place. It was a film idea that originated from a theme park ride. It was a film about Pirates, which until this film had come along, were camp, stereotypical and silly. It starred Johnny Depp pretending to be Keith Moon pretending to be a pirate. The film shouldn’t work! Except many of those reasons is why the film does work. Shockingly, Pirates was an original idea. It was based (loosely) on a … Continue reading Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Re-View

Star Trek (2009) Re-View

When it comes to Star Trek, I’m a Next Generation guy. I never really liked The Original Series, it never had enough action or cool monsters for the eight or nine-year old boy who would watch on BBC 2 after CBBC and Neighbours had finished. I’ll always choose Jean-Luc Picard over James T. Kirk because of familiarity but I would never actually be able to fight my corner, I’m far from a Trekkie. My Star Trek movie experience also mirrored my television habits. I enjoyed Generations, loved First Contact and don’t really remember ever seeing Nemesis or Insurrection but I haven’t heard great things about them. I … Continue reading Star Trek (2009) Re-View

Ghostrider (2007) Re-View

Kristen from All Eyes on Screen posted an interesting Comic Book Debate about whether comic book films should be serious or not. My opinion (which you can read in a bit more detail in the comments section) boils down to whether the core character behind the whole film is a dark, serious character or a character that you can have a much lighter tone and the freedom to produce a less serious film. I would say that Spiderman, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four are all great examples of characters that have the freedom for lighter films. In fact, most of Marvel’s characters … Continue reading Ghostrider (2007) Re-View