My Rule of Two for Television

Always watch the first two episodes of any new television series before you decide to stop watching. It’s a simple rule but its one that I always use when I’ve found a new television series. There is a basic reason behind this. Every now and again, a tv show will have a brilliant pilot episode. Lost, Heroes, Prison Break and Flashforward are all good examples of television shows with fantastic pilots. The pilots grabbed your attention, they had huge budgets that meant that they could amaze an audience and pull them in before actually establishing the main themes/format of the series. … Continue reading My Rule of Two for Television

Just a little break….

You may have noticed its been a while since I’ve posted anything. You may not have… which is fine too. This is just a courtesy heads-up that I’ve been unexpectedly busy so haven’t had chance to update the blog like I usually would. I am going to give it another week and then get back on here properly. So if you are usually hanging on my every word, don’t fret, I’ll be back soon! Continue reading Just a little break….

Should the UK have a TV Pilot’s season?

Channel Four’s recent “Funny Fortnight” was pretty hit and miss to say the least. For people who may have missed it or may not be familiar with Channel Four, it is a UK channel which celebrated 25 years by revisiting their “greatest hits of comedy.” As well as showing the best of their past series, they also aired pilots for new comedy series, in an attempt to gain interest or an audience, hopeful for a new series. I really enjoyed the fortnight for this reason. I liked the idea of getting a small taste of a show and then voting with … Continue reading Should the UK have a TV Pilot’s season?

Batman stories that should be remade into animated films.

I loved Batman: Year One and a big part of that was because I knew the comic so well and they had done such a good job of transferring the story to the animated film. It did leave me wanting more though and I led in bed last night wondering what other Batman comics would work as animated films… and here we are. The Long Halloween/Dark Victory Like I mentioned in my Year One review, in a perfect world, they would continue the Batman comic book adaptations as a fully fledged, animated series and Jeph Loeb’s stories would be the … Continue reading Batman stories that should be remade into animated films.