Juno (2007) Re-View

The charm of Juno lies less in the story but in the performances themselves. The story isn’t that unusual or dramatic. The film itself, even though it was one of the “blueprints” for the indie genre, with its hand-drawn titles and unique soundtrack, isn’t even that “quirky.” The key to the success and the likability of the film is purely in the fantastic choice of each actor for their roles. The key to this argument isn’t actually Ellen Page. Page does a brilliant job and holds the film really well as bolshy, strong-willed but loving Juno, but there are much better performances found … Continue reading Juno (2007) Re-View

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) Review

This film would be just as effective with some of the darker, more edgy and mature elements removed. I have never read the books that the trilogy is based on and I’m all for the films being as accurate to the books as possible but during the rape scenes and some of the other, darker elements, I was left thinking that they were put in for shock factor alone. An edge to place this film above others in the mystery genre that this film essentially falls into. I’m sure the argument would be that they are key to fleshing out … Continue reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) Review

Welcome to Sounds from the Sofa!

As Ben mentioned yesterday, I’m going to start writing about music using Views from the Sofa. This space is for me to share my music experiences. I want to share the music that I listen to, whether it be listening to my i-pod on the bus, music at a club, at a live gig or something fresh that I’ve heard on the radio. Hopefully some exciting new artists and amazing new gig venues will emerge in my reflections. I have grown up in one of the greatest cities in the world, renown for its music genius. Due to the antics of the … Continue reading Welcome to Sounds from the Sofa!

Views from the Sofa is Changing and Expanding!

It was the Fifth of January when I first started Views from the Sofa. It was on recommendation from a friend who said that I should start reviewing the ridiculous amounts of films I watch rather than bother people with one sentence summaries on Facebook and Twitter. Since then I have been steadily reviewing every single film I’ve watched, as well as dipping a toe in the waters of opinions and lists that are quite common for movie blogs too. I’m addicted now though! I have began viewing other people’s blogs, mostly movies but a few others too and they are much … Continue reading Views from the Sofa is Changing and Expanding!

Red Riding Hood (2011) Review

I really like the idea of updating or remaking classic fairytales for a modern, movie audience. Not necessarily making them darker but there is definitely a draw towards telling these stories in their full, dark, original versions. A lot of these fairytales were not intended to be told as bedtime stories and if you go back to the source material, they are full of a lot of much more mature material and do not always end with a “happily ever after.” Even though I haven’t seen either of the new Snow White movies, I do like the look of the “and … Continue reading Red Riding Hood (2011) Review

The Grey (2012) Review

The Grey is another example of why Liam Neeson is a brilliant “action hero.” I put action hero in inverted commas because The Grey isn’t the same type of film that we’ve already seen him in with Unknown, Taken and The A-Team. I said in my review for Unknown the reasons why Liam Neeson is a brilliant action hero and he has to tap into those qualities here. I like my action heroes to be relatable and what I call an “everyman.” Liam Neeson doesn’t have huge muscles or karate skills and with the right knowledge or experience, anyone could do … Continue reading The Grey (2012) Review

Thinner (1996) Review

Thinner caught my eye from the synopsis in the tv magazine. This isn’t usually the way a film draws my attention. Usually I watch a movie because of the trailer or because an actor I really like is in the film. Very rarely will the film persuade me to hit record on my DVR because of the synopsis alone but this film managed that. The synopsis was; A lawyer finds he is losing weight everyday and must try to find a way to stop it before it’s too late. It doesn’t seem like the most engrossing of synopsis but I … Continue reading Thinner (1996) Review