The Tourist (2010) Review

  When is the last time you saw Johnny Depp play a “straight” or “normal” role. What I mean by this is when is the last time he wasn’t covered in make-up, acting goofy or part of a cast/movie which required him to play an eccentric. Don’t get me wrong, Depp is fantastic in those roles. There is no doubting that Pirates of the Caribbean would be nothing without him and that he was clearly the best thing in Charlie and Chocolate Factory (even if his take on Willy Wonka wasn’t how I’d have interpreted it). I saw the new trailer for Dark Shadows, the new … Continue reading The Tourist (2010) Review

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Re-View

I have written before about the negative effect watching a film that has a lot of hype around it, sometimes being called a “classic,” can actually have. The first time I saw Napoleon Dynamite, I’d heard so much about it and how brilliant it was that I went into it with huge expectations. I was disappointed. I just didn’t get it. People said it was hilarious and I had only really found one scene funny (the scene with the cow and the school bus is amazing!) I read through my tv mag recently and saw that a new Napoleon Dynamite cartoon was starting. Then, as if … Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Re-View

Religulous (2008) Review

I’ve got to make one thing clear before I actually review this film. This blog is supposed to be about my views on films, not religion and people’s beliefs. You’ve got to be careful when you make comments on anything to do with religion because it means so much to so many people. It isn’t my place to convince people that their religion is the wrong religion or to tell people that what they believe is foolish. I try to avoid arguments with people about their religion because I am quite ignorant to what a lot of religions are actually about and what their faith … Continue reading Religulous (2008) Review

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (2010) Review

There are some ideas that seem too good to be true. The idea must start as just a small acorn of a thought and then it slowly grows into a huge oak tree of an idea that has branches of development reaching out and creating something that could, just might, work as a film. The main problem is, most films really have to work over ninety minutes. An idea can be brilliant and have a good ten minutes, maybe even half an hour’s worth of development and life in it, but I have watched a ton of films that have a … Continue reading Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (2010) Review

Horrible Bosses (2011) Review

American Pie has a lot to answer for. Back when American Pie was released, it was a film like no other. Porky’s had been around in the 70’s but American Pie was really the first of that “teen gross-out movie” that spurned Road Trip, Euro Trip and a host of other imitators. It appealed to the 16 – 25 (roughly) demographic and was ridiculously successful. It was genuinely funny, poignant in places and had moments that people could talk about at school/college/work the next day. Then we grew up. American Pie 2 was brilliant but American Pie 3 tried to keep the … Continue reading Horrible Bosses (2011) Review

Why they shouldn’t make Ghostbusters 3!

About a month ago I caught the end of Ghostbusters 2. It was brilliant. I found myself reciting key lines and getting excited about seeing moments that I don’t think I’d watched since I was at leat a teenager. The Ghostbusters were a huge part of my childhood. I loved both films, the tv show, I had books, toys, bedsheets and wallpaper. I was (and still am) a huge fan. So any news about a new Ghostbusters film should be met with unbridled joy and excitement… but no. I think it is a terrible idea. Here’s why; 1. No Bill … Continue reading Why they shouldn’t make Ghostbusters 3!

Source Code (2011) Review

I loved Quantum Leap. It was the perfect mix of both sci-fi and drama. I was only about ten years old when I first got into it and though I didn’t hugely appreciate the drama aspects of the show, the moment where he jumped into the person’s body at the beginning and the end of the show was enough to keep me watching. If he punched someone during the episode, that was even better. As I got older I began to appreciate the actual story of the show and what he had to do each week. Even now I’ll find myself watching a whole … Continue reading Source Code (2011) Review