Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Review

Paranormal Activity is one of my favourite “horror” films. It’s actually a close call between that and Blair Witch Project for scariest film I’ve ever seen. I don’t really enjoy “slasher horror” like Halloween or Nightmare of Elm Street and even though the first one was quite clever, I also struggle to see the appeal of multiple instalments of the Saw franchise. What is always guaranteed to scare me, or at least pique my interest, is a “found footage” film. The “found footage” genre has become one of my favourites and I love watching any film that uses this type of … Continue reading Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Review

Burn After Reading (2008) Review

The final scene in this film is not only the best scene but also a fantastic way to sum up the whole film. I won’t quote it word for word but it involves a CIA Officer and his Superior (played casually and hilariously by J.K Simmons.) They have no idea what has happened through the course of the film, why the outcome developed or how it involved them. They finish with “I don’t know what we did, but lets never do it again!” This exchange perfectly sums up the very clever, fast-paced, comedy of errors that is the Coen Brother’s Burn … Continue reading Burn After Reading (2008) Review

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

The Dark Knight is my favourite film of all time. It helps that I’m a huge Batman fan, having read the comics since I was a kid and watched the Animated Series when I was younger too. I love Burton’s Batman and felt the pain when Schumacher destroyed the series. I was happy enough when Batman Begins got the series back on track but nothing could prepare me for how amazing Dark Knight was going to be. It wasn’t just a great Batman film or even the best superhero film ever but was just a great film. If it was possible to … Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

Heat (1995) Review

Films and their legacy are sometimes built on reputation alone. That reputation can be a performance, a soundtrack, dodgy or amazing special effects or a key scene. A scene that is so notable or notorious that it begins to overshadow the rest of the film, either destroying a passable, decent movie or actually making a film seem better than it actually is. Heat has that reputation for good reason. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are the epitome of acting heavyweights. They are true screen legends and between them have some of the greatest performances. De Niro is amazing in Goodfellas, Casino and … Continue reading Heat (1995) Review

Batman Forever (1995) Re-View

How can a film with all the right ingredients get everything so badly wrong? One of the greatest superheroes (check), two of his greatest villains (check), a decent cast (check), a budget that is more than enough to create a classic (check)! I’ve never written a film or directed a movie but I am a huge Batman fan and believe that if a studio told me to create a Batman film that included The Riddler, Two Face, Robin and Nicole Kidman, I could do a very good job of it. It would feel like half the work is already done for me. … Continue reading Batman Forever (1995) Re-View

Casino (1995) Review

Martin Scorsese is only good at making one kind of movie… Gangster movies. I know this is a bold, generalised statement but recently I have been hugely disappointed with Scorsese “classics.” I didn’t enjoy Raging Bull as much as I thought I would and thought Mean Streets was even worst. Taxi Driver is considered one of his most iconic and best films but I failed to find anything amazing about that film either. I do rate a lot of Scorsese films though. Goodfellas is an incredible movie and The Departed is one of my favourite films. It seems like Scorsese produces his best films … Continue reading Casino (1995) Review

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008) Review

You have to be either brave or stupid to play out your past relationships on-screen, for everyone to see, especially if all of them “failed.” You also have to be quite self-involved and egotistical. Its one thing to decide that you are going to analyse yourself in an attempt to make yourself happier or a better person, but to then decide that other people would want to watch the experience and share it with you is another thing entirely. Of course, my argument there fails because I was intrigued. I did want to watch and was interested about the idea … Continue reading A Complete History of My Sexual Failures (2008) Review