The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Review

I hate unnecessary sequels. I hate the idea that for nothing more than money, a film has been forced out of a story that had essentially finished. I have ranted about this before but I never would have included The Bourne Supremacy in that list. My initial impression of the Bourne series, before seeing it, was that it followed the character of Jason Bourne as he struggled to find out who he was and bring down the people who had brainwashed and betrayed him. That isn’t true! It wants you to think that is what it is about but on closer … Continue reading The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Review

The Bourne Identity (2002) Review

I used to resent the Bourne series. As a huge James Bond fan, when the series I loved was beginning to become a silly parody of itself, the Bourne films were showing it up and doing a spy film properly. There are no gadgets, silly quips, ridiculous action set-pieces and best of all, the series had freedom that Bond didn’t have. There were no “catchphrases” or scenes that had to be played out, like the gadget scene with Q. There were no “Bourne girls” and best of all, the story was simple and not drawn out. Nobody is trying to take over the world in … Continue reading The Bourne Identity (2002) Review

Batman stories that should be remade into animated films.

I loved Batman: Year One and a big part of that was because I knew the comic so well and they had done such a good job of transferring the story to the animated film. It did leave me wanting more though and I led in bed last night wondering what other Batman comics would work as animated films… and here we are. The Long Halloween/Dark Victory Like I mentioned in my Year One review, in a perfect world, they would continue the Batman comic book adaptations as a fully fledged, animated series and Jeph Loeb’s stories would be the … Continue reading Batman stories that should be remade into animated films.

Review 100! – Batman: Year One (2011)

I specifically made Batman Year One my 100th Review. It would have been very easy, and obvious, to make The Dark Knight my 100th because it is my favourite film of all time but ever since I heard they were making a cartoon version of Frank Miller’s amazing origin story, I have been desperate to see it. Luckily, in Tesco of all places, there was a five animated Batman film boxset, Batman: Year One being one of those movies. This also shows how far behind I am with my reviews because I’m cheating by reviewing this before the others. I have watched … Continue reading Review 100! – Batman: Year One (2011)

Conan the Barbarian (2011) Review

This is going to sound ridiculous considering the film I’m reviewing, but I actually wanted Conan to have slightly more depth and a better story. The reason is, the film actually starts really well. It’s not an incredible, Saving Private Ryan opening, but it sets the tone of the film and introduces Conan as you’d expect, a child born in battle. It also helps that Conan’s Dad is played by Ron Perlman. I’ve spoken before about how cool Ron Perlman is and he doesn’t disappoint in Conan either. If he’s not killing other tribes, he’s teaching Conan how to fight on ice or crafting … Continue reading Conan the Barbarian (2011) Review

Gig review: Morrissey

Morrissey: The Legend. On Saturday 28th July 2010. At Manchester Arena. Seated: Block 215 How I long to have been a teenager in the 1980’s. Glancing at my record collection, the familiar pinnacle British bands of a generation jump out at me: Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets and The Smiths. The Smiths are one of my all time favourite bands. Not only are their songs lyrically and musically beautiful, but the political passion conveyed, both subliminally and outright obvious, makes them an important part of musical and cultural history. Album covers used artwork, images and titles to help represent the political stance and … Continue reading Gig review: Morrissey

A Review of the Manchester Venues: Part 1 – The Intimate Venues

Sound Control – New Wakefield Street I have only attended one gig here so far and that was Nina Nesbitt last month on 24th April 2012. The history of this venue is exciting (for me anyway). I knew Sound Control when it was a music shop and my friends and I would go in and ‘play’ the guitars and the drums. When I discovered that it was being relaunched into a venue/club I was intrigued to see the transformation. Nina played her set on the ground floor, which is the perfect size for a cosy, intimate gig. The stage itself … Continue reading A Review of the Manchester Venues: Part 1 – The Intimate Venues