Bridesmaids (2011) Review

Any film should be very careful about associating itself with a successful film from the past. You always see on posters things like “from the makers of” or “from the producers of” or in the case of Bridesmaids “Better than…” The last one is usually from a critic, a small soundbite from someone who liked the film. That isn’t something the filmmakers can control but then again, they don’t have to put it on the cover of the DVD box. It’s the biggest part of the Bridesmaids DVD box. Right at the top, “Better than the Hangover.” This was actually from Cosmopolitan magazine … Continue reading Bridesmaids (2011) Review

Lord of the Flies (1963) Review

The problem some films are going to have is that they are a victim of the time they were made. Some films are classed as timeless because they tell a story that means you can overlook a film’s shortcomings or the film is made in such a way that it still holds up as watchable today. Most films will be a victim of the limitations of the time. The production will be full of dodgy cuts, shocking effects or terrible acting but will be let through because at the time, it was seen as a suitable or acceptable way to … Continue reading Lord of the Flies (1963) Review

Prometheus (2012) Review

Prometheus should never have been the prequel to Alien. In fact, Alien didn’t actually need a prequel. Ridley Scott has said in numerous interviews in preparation for this film that he always thought there was a story to tell behind the original spaceship where the crew in the original Alien found the eggs and what has now been called the “Space Jockey.” He was probably the only one… I never really remember watching the original and ever really caring what the story behind the “Space Jockey” was and why the spaceship had crashed. I was more intrigued by the eggs and what … Continue reading Prometheus (2012) Review

Alien (1979) Re-View

Where do you start reviewing a film as iconic and perfect as Ridley Scott’s Alien? The film is a lesson in how to do both Science-Fiction and Horror. Scott doesn’t rely on gore, screams, multiple shocks and surprises or any throw-away easy killed characters. What he does instead is build a suspenseful, clever, tense and thrilling film which is engrossing from the very beginning and left the film with some of the most memorable moments ever, if not one of the best science-fiction creatures too. It’s a testament to how Scott directs the film that it still (and in my opinion always … Continue reading Alien (1979) Re-View

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) Review

  Nicholas Cage should be more highly regarded than he is. His reputation should be much better and he should be considered one of the best actors Hollywood and the movie business in general has. There is a lot to be said for his choices of films, mixing the fun, action and more “popcorn” films with those that are a lot more heavyweight and really show off how good an actor he can be. Unfortunately, he seems to make more of the former type of films than the latter. I do love the “popcorn” movies. Con-Air and The Rock are … Continue reading Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) Review

3.10 to Yuma (2007) Review

Westerns and War Films: There are so many that it is difficult for either genre to impress me. I’ve sat through examples of both that people regard as the pinnacle of the genre, like The Longest Day and Platoon for War films or The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for Westerns but other than a few exceptions, they aren’t the sort of films I’d ever get excited about. I’ve had the Magnificent Seven saved on my DVR for a while now and just can’t bring myself to watch it, there is always something I’d rather watch. Recently though, two … Continue reading 3.10 to Yuma (2007) Review

Mean Streets (1973) Review

I think I am just going to have to admit I don’t get the appeal of some films. Not just the appeal but why films are lauded as “masterpieces” or “classics.” It’s not even like I have a “type” of film that I like watching and can put it down to that. I will watch anything and have favourites in almost every genre of film. It’s just that films where I am preparing myself for a classic or a new favourite, almost always leave me disappointed. Mean Streets is now added to the other disappointments this year, alongside Raging Bull and The Big … Continue reading Mean Streets (1973) Review