Anger Management (Season 1) TV Review

I never really understood the popularity of either Charlie Sheen or Two and a Half Men. I’ve reviewed enough sitcom’s on here for people to work out what kind of humour I like, usually something very observational or based around the very mundane or ordinary. Two and a Half Men never really hit the hilarious chord. It was decent enough. My Dad has a great way of describing some tv shows; “Chewing Gum for the Eyes.” Two and Half Men fit this perfectly. It wasn’t the best sitcom on television by a long stretch but I know if I tuned … Continue reading Anger Management (Season 1) TV Review

Cuckoo (Season 1) TV Review

  It was great to see the American, “Hollywood,” comedy star, drafted in to add a bit of weight and notability to the sitcom, outshone and out-funnied by the UK comedian. It’s not that I didn’t like the idea of having the American star come in and play the “main character” but it felt slightly like the comedy wanted him to be at the center of the show when there was a much funnier character in there already. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but Greg Davies, the tall, aggressive looking, UK comedian managed to get the funniest lines, moments and … Continue reading Cuckoo (Season 1) TV Review