Planet Terror (2007) Review

When it came to the two Grindhouse films, Rodriguez made the clever choice and consequently the superior film. He realised that the best aspect of the B-movie, Grindhouse films was the gore, scantily clad woman, poor to hammy acting and ridiculous story. It had to be horror but in a “ram-it-down-your-throat” kind of way. While Tarantino had some of that, it always felt like a Tarantino film in a Grindhouse style rather than a dedication to Grindhouse. The biggest difference? – Zombies! It’s simple really. Zombies offer you gore, blood, horror (but not the tense, creepy kind) and humour, either … Continue reading Planet Terror (2007) Review

Rubber (2010) Review

When you hear the concept for some films, you have to believe that the creators were drunk, high or daring each other when they came up with it. Usually you can see the logic to where a film has come from and where its origins lay but with Rubber, I can’t even imagine the start of the conversation. To create a 90 minute film about a killer tyre that make people’s heads explode using psychic powers is either stupid or genius. I was really hoping for the second. It could have been genius. I’m not saying that the idea is … Continue reading Rubber (2010) Review