Review 100! – Batman: Year One (2011)

I specifically made Batman Year One my 100th Review. It would have been very easy, and obvious, to make The Dark Knight my 100th because it is my favourite film of all time but ever since I heard they were making a cartoon version of Frank Miller’s amazing origin story, I have been desperate to see it. Luckily, in Tesco of all places, there was a five animated Batman film boxset, Batman: Year One being one of those movies. This also shows how far behind I am with my reviews because I’m cheating by reviewing this before the others. I have watched … Continue reading Review 100! – Batman: Year One (2011)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

The Dark Knight is my favourite film of all time. It helps that I’m a huge Batman fan, having read the comics since I was a kid and watched the Animated Series when I was younger too. I love Burton’s Batman and felt the pain when Schumacher destroyed the series. I was happy enough when Batman Begins got the series back on track but nothing could prepare me for how amazing Dark Knight was going to be. It wasn’t just a great Batman film or even the best superhero film ever but was just a great film. If it was possible to … Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review