Red Riding Hood (2011) Review

I really like the idea of updating or remaking classic fairytales for a modern, movie audience. Not necessarily making them darker but there is definitely a draw towards telling these stories in their full, dark, original versions. A lot of these fairytales were not intended to be told as bedtime stories and if you go back to the source material, they are full of a lot of much more mature material and do not always end with a “happily ever after.” Even though I haven’t seen either of the new Snow White movies, I do like the look of the “and … Continue reading Red Riding Hood (2011) Review

Planet 51 (2009) Review

Pixar are responsible for all poor computer animated films since Toy Story. Pretty bold claim but stay with me. Before Toy Story, animated films were predominantly hand drawn or at least presented in the traditional animated style. They would usually employ specific voice actors to play the characters except for particularly notable exceptions (Aladdin and Mulan being two films that spring to mind). In fact it was only when I watched the Lion King’s 3D re-release at the cinema that I realised Matthew Broderick played adult Simba. The use of the traditional technique for animated films meant we got a lot of films starring human characters. The … Continue reading Planet 51 (2009) Review