Good Night and Good Luck (2005) Review

I’m a history geek. As well as studying it for A-Levels, a Degree and now teaching it, I will always watch a film that is trying to re-tell a historic event, mostly for enjoyment but sometimes just to see how accurate the film is actually being. As most probably realise, films usually take a huge amount of “artistic-license” with their history and this is fine, most of the time. Good Night and Good Luck strikes me as a film that doesn’t need to take that “artistic-license” or bend the truth, mostly because the truth is as interesting as any fiction … Continue reading Good Night and Good Luck (2005) Review

Burn After Reading (2008) Review

The final scene in this film is not only the best scene but also a fantastic way to sum up the whole film. I won’t quote it word for word but it involves a CIA Officer and his Superior (played casually and hilariously by J.K Simmons.) They have no idea what has happened through the course of the film, why the outcome developed or how it involved them. They finish with “I don’t know what we did, but lets never do it again!” This exchange perfectly sums up the very clever, fast-paced, comedy of errors that is the Coen Brother’s Burn … Continue reading Burn After Reading (2008) Review

Three Kings (1999) Review

There seems to be a pattern with war films, of any war, to either be a silly comedy or more commonly, a serious drama with an underlying, deeper theme or message. The old days of a fun war film, that had more of an adventure feel to it rather than a serious, heavy theme, seems to be over. I think there is still place for films that get shown on a Sunday afternoon. The kind of films your Dad tells you is a classic and you sit down to watch and find yourself entertained but not preached too, usually for … Continue reading Three Kings (1999) Review