Iron Man (2008) Re-View

Iron Man had to be amazing. It had so much riding on its shoulders that it had to be both critically approved and audience approved to stand a chance of fulfilling what Marvel was planning. Luckily, it was exactly that. It was a perfect superhero origin film and even though we’ve seen the formula plenty of times before, it felt fresh because Iron Man, to the general public at least, was a relatively unknown character. That’s why DC’s take on Green Lantern was so infuriating because Marvel has shown, three times now, how to present a character that the general … Continue reading Iron Man (2008) Re-View

Green Lantern (2011) Review

DC made Green Lantern about six years too late. Rather than make a superhero film at the beginning of the superhero craze, alongside Raimi’s Spiderman, Fantastic Four and even Iron Man, they decided to throw their contribution amongst the others when we were at the height of the genre. The problem with doing this is that if you are going to make a film that belongs to genre that is already highly saturated, you have to do it with something original… and Green Lantern isn’t original! It could have been though. DC have Superman and Batman and with those two characters they … Continue reading Green Lantern (2011) Review

What should DC do now?

Marvel played the movie game perfectly. What seemed like a crazy, impossible and very cool idea that I didn’t see working, has actually come to fruition fantastically in what I think is the best “proper comics film” ever. If you’d told me five years ago that an Iron Man film would kickstart a series of movies that would bring together all the coolest (except Spiderman and Wolverine) Marvel heroes and whatsmore, be an Avengers film, I’d have given you a long, boring list as to why that would never work. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a perfect journey. The … Continue reading What should DC do now?