Cowboys and Aliens (2011) Review

This film would be a lot better if it was just called Cowboys. Before the aliens show up to cause all matter of destruction and chaos, the film follows Daniel Craig’s cowboy into a small, typical western town where he confronts a sheriff, tavern owners and most notably of all, Harrison Ford’s cowboy rancher. Daniel Craig plays the “man with no name” style cowboy really well. He has the mood, the hundred yard stare and the swagger required to walk into bars and taverns and exude a confidence and arrogance that makes people think twice about messing with him. The opening act, … Continue reading Cowboys and Aliens (2011) Review

Morning Glory (2010) Review

There are some films I will watch, regardless of the kind of film it is, just because of the actor who is starring in it. Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington are two examples because they very rarely make a bad film. Jim Carrey is another because of how good he can be, even if he isn’t being wacky and crazy. Along the same lines is Will Smith, more because he is very cool and usually his roles reflect that too. Other actors just don’t make films that frequently anymore that when they do star in one, it catches my attention. Harrison Ford is … Continue reading Morning Glory (2010) Review