Bad Teacher (2011) Review

The best thing about Horrible Bosses were the Horrible Bosses! This was because whoever cast that film made the genius move of casting three actors and making them play against type, doing and saying things you wouldn’t usually associate with that actor. This worked best with Jennifer Aniston because she was usually seen to play “the girl next door” romantic interest type so seeing her acting overly sexual was funny (and sexy!) I even went as far to say that the film suffered from the fact that it didn’t focus enough on the horrible boss characters and relied too heavily on … Continue reading Bad Teacher (2011) Review

Horrible Bosses (2011) Review

American Pie has a lot to answer for. Back when American Pie was released, it was a film like no other. Porky’s had been around in the 70’s but American Pie was really the first of that “teen gross-out movie” that spurned Road Trip, Euro Trip and a host of other imitators. It appealed to the 16 – 25 (roughly) demographic and was ridiculously successful. It was genuinely funny, poignant in places and had moments that people could talk about at school/college/work the next day. Then we grew up. American Pie 2 was brilliant but American Pie 3 tried to keep the … Continue reading Horrible Bosses (2011) Review