Three Kings (1999) Review

There seems to be a pattern with war films, of any war, to either be a silly comedy or more commonly, a serious drama with an underlying, deeper theme or message. The old days of a fun war film, that had more of an adventure feel to it rather than a serious, heavy theme, seems to be over. I think there is still place for films that get shown on a Sunday afternoon. The kind of films your Dad tells you is a classic and you sit down to watch and find yourself entertained but not preached too, usually for … Continue reading Three Kings (1999) Review

The Fighter (2010) Review

Do the sports parts of “sports movies” actually have to be any good? To explain further, what I mean is, can you make a good sports film if the worst part of the movie is the bits where you portray the sport being played? I made the same argument in my review for Your Highness, I asked the question if a comedy film can be good if it doesn’t actually make you laugh. This is the problem I have with pigeon holing movies because there are plenty of films that do what they are designed to do badly but are … Continue reading The Fighter (2010) Review