Thor (2011) Re-View

Its strange looking back on these movies after the success that The Avengers movie was. My main complaint with this film and Captain America (more so with Captain America) was that they didn’t really offer anything new or exciting as superhero origin films. They used the same superhero origin movie checklist that most others used; average man becomes hero, fails at first attempt, learns valuable lesson then succeeds now he is a better person. Add a female character in trouble and you have most superhero origin movies, which just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thor is slightly different but not by much. … Continue reading Thor (2011) Re-View

Your Highness (2011) Review

If I watch a comedy and really like some of the action pieces and cooler parts to the story, but don’t find it that funny, does that make it a bad film? I made this argument in my review for The Switch. This wasn’t necessarily a bad film but marketing it as a romantic comedy meant it didn’t really do what romantic comedies do. It was a great drama but not very romantic or funny. Your Highness suffers from the same sort of problem. As a concept it’s great. A medieval stoner prince and his impressive, hero brother go on a quest to rescue a … Continue reading Your Highness (2011) Review