Cowboys and Aliens (2011) Review

This film would be a lot better if it was just called Cowboys. Before the aliens show up to cause all matter of destruction and chaos, the film follows Daniel Craig’s cowboy into a small, typical western town where he confronts a sheriff, tavern owners and most notably of all, Harrison Ford’s cowboy rancher. Daniel Craig plays the “man with no name” style cowboy really well. He has the mood, the hundred yard stare and the swagger required to walk into bars and taverns and exude a confidence and arrogance that makes people think twice about messing with him. The opening act, … Continue reading Cowboys and Aliens (2011) Review

The Change-Up (2011) Review

By copying an idea that has already been done a few times, you are almost setting yourself up for an automatic fail. Most people will see the idea, usually in the trailer, and decide that they’ve seen it all before and that it’s another “lazy movie” rather than something unique. You can certainly make that argument with The Change-Up which bares more than a passing resemblance to both Freaky Friday (which itself has been remade once at least) or Vice-Versa, which is the same as Freaky Friday but with Father/Son rather than Mother/Daughter. Add that to the fact that in many … Continue reading The Change-Up (2011) Review