Arthur (2011) Review

It’s a risky move casting a stand-up comedian in a film role because ultimately, they will play themselves and that only appeals to some of the audience. These decisions are usually made because it’s a great way to cash in on the growing or already huge fan base of a particular comedian and the first few roles are just that comedian being himself in a specific story. Comedians can then become great comedic or even dramatic actors. The first few Eddie Murphy films were just Eddie Murphy being Eddie Murphy but soon he managed to make films that were less reflective … Continue reading Arthur (2011) Review

Huge (2010) Review

I hate watching a film and thinking “this is a missed opportunity.” Especially when it starts so strongly and clearly has some great talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Huge is perfect example of a wasted opportunity. It has all the potential to tell a great story, something I would have found interesting and could have been told in a professional and realistic way, especially judging on the cameos that appear in this film. Huge is about two men who decide, after one heckles another during his stand-up act, to become a comedy double-act. They then attempt to write a … Continue reading Huge (2010) Review