Tiny Furniture (2010) Review

Indie doesn’t just mean Independent studio. It usually has other qualities and unfortunately, now clichés that go with it. It is usually a “personal film,” written and/or directed by its lead. It is also set in a world filled with characters that have weird quirks, which everyone but those within the film seem to notice. Add an “indie soundtrack” (again, personally picked by the lead) and animate the opening (and/or closing) credits and you have yourself an “independent” film. These are films that are supposed to juxtapose what is considered mainstream but its become a genre of film itself, falling … Continue reading Tiny Furniture (2010) Review

Super (2010) Review

I love superheroes and superhero films but if you had to make any argument against them, there are too many now. We are about to enter another cycle of The Avengers movies. That means each of the Avengers that got a first film are due a sequel (except Hulk) but also we have at least two new superhero film linked to the franchise, Ant Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Add that to the Justice League movie which has been announced, Man of Steel which we will see next year, a new X-Men and Wolverine movie, a new take … Continue reading Super (2010) Review