Batman Forever (1995) Re-View

How can a film with all the right ingredients get everything so badly wrong? One of the greatest superheroes (check), two of his greatest villains (check), a decent cast (check), a budget that is more than enough to create a classic (check)! I’ve never written a film or directed a movie but I am a huge Batman fan and believe that if a studio told me to create a Batman film that included The Riddler, Two Face, Robin and Nicole Kidman, I could do a very good job of it. It would feel like half the work is already done for me. … Continue reading Batman Forever (1995) Re-View

What I want to see in The Dark Knight Rises

I’m going to leave the big decisions to Christopher Nolan. What I mean is that I’m not going to comment on the actual story or what direction the film takes or anything like that. What I want are small things. These are things that appeal to the fan in me! I’ve been a Batman fan for as long as I can remember. From collecting the Batman Adventures comics as a kid and watching Batman: The Animated Series (which has never been bettered) to where I now try to collect as many Batman graphic novels as possible to keep me up to date with … Continue reading What I want to see in The Dark Knight Rises

Batman versus Spiderman versus The Avengers!

This is going to be the greatest summer for blockbuster movies probably ever! That is because there are three films that will hopefully set a new standard in Superhero films. The actual superhero genre of films has been so watered down and overdone that it takes something special to actually register. This summer we should have three films that will hopefully register. Two of the films are the end of a long process and another is designed to be the beginning. Whether by design or coincidence, the studios behind these three films have decided to release them in the same … Continue reading Batman versus Spiderman versus The Avengers!