Manhattan (1979) Review

Manhattan is a movie in which nothing too exciting really happens. It isn’t a romantic comedy but is a movie about love and relationships. It isn’t a quirky sideways look at relationships or a comment on relationships in society today, although director Woody Allen does make some comments on society within the movie. Manhattan is just about a man falling in love with the wrong/inappropriate person. It feels like it shouldn’t be interesting. Woody Allen’s character Isaac is not a man you can root for. He isn’t a lovable rogue who is just unlucky in love or a funny guy who … Continue reading Manhattan (1979) Review

Whatever Works (2009) Review

Charming but “nothingy” is the best way to describe Whatever Works. It’s perfectly watchable and its charm pulls you in from the very first scene, with Larry David talking, cynically, towards the camera, breaking the fourth wall in great Woody Allen style. In fact, that was the biggest sticking point for me. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm and though I was aware that this wasn’t the film version of that tv show, the trailer for the film did give the impression that we would be getting Larry David in all his grouchy, set-in-his-ways glory. Instead, we seemed to get Larry David … Continue reading Whatever Works (2009) Review