Tiny Furniture (2010) Review

Indie doesn’t just mean Independent studio. It usually has other qualities and unfortunately, now clich√©s that go with it. It is usually a “personal film,” written and/or directed by its lead. It is also set in a world filled with characters that have weird quirks, which everyone but those within the film seem to notice. Add an “indie soundtrack” (again, personally picked by the lead) and animate the opening (and/or closing) credits and you have yourself an “independent” film. These are films that are supposed to juxtapose what is considered mainstream but its become a genre of film itself, falling … Continue reading Tiny Furniture (2010) Review

Youth in Revolt (2009) Review

Michael Cera is seriously typecast. He is an actor that suffers from his own success. Films like Superbad, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Juno, have sealed his fate as the likable, sweet and vulnerable “boy-next-door.” He’s done very little to destroy this image and unfortunately it seems like his career is beginning to suffer because of it. It’s very¬†refreshing to see him play on that typecasting, whether intentionally or not, in Youth in Revolt. He does seem to play the usual “Michael Cera” character, hopeless with the girls but sweet and likable, but this time with a Jekyll and … Continue reading Youth in Revolt (2009) Review